Why Does ISIS Fit In So Perfectly With The PNAC Plan?

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Here are some simple burning questions whose answers can only be described by the globalist plans for a new world order. These questions strike at the root of the question all of humanity is asking: Who is ISIS?

1. Where do they bank? Or do they have a money tree?

2. Where do they get their guns from? Bullets? Knives?

3. Where do they eat, how do they get their food?

4. Where do they sleep, where do they get toiletries?

5. Where is their military base? They DO stick together right?

6. Since we know where they are why can’t they simply be rounded up in a way that doesn’t involve any nation attacks? But wait …

7. Who is their leader and how did he learn to outsmart the world’s greatest military and outperform all generals in U.S. history?

8. How does ISIS avoid NSA surveillance?


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Cameron spying more on British citizens, on Saudi autocracy’s advice

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This video from Britain is called NEWSNIGHT: Glenn Greenwald full interview on Snowden, NSA, GCHQ and spying.

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

David Cameron gives spy agencies power to vet airline flight lists

All airline passengers’ civil liberties would be affected by this, not just the tiny minority of (wannabe) ISIS fighters

New access granted as Saudi king says Europe faces attack unless it acts fast

Nicholas Watt

Sunday 31 August 2014 21.07 BST

David Cameron will make it easier for intelligence agencies to access information about airline passengers and announce measures to intensify cooperation with Turkey and Germany as the government moves to stem the flow of British-born jihadis travelling to and from Syria and Iraq.

As the king of Saudi Arabia warned that terror groups would attack Europe in the next month unless they were confronted with “power and speed”, the prime minister will hold…

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Bet you thought this was going to be about Mahmoud Abbas ;) 




“Apart from the repulsive nausea-inducing stench, the skunk liquid can cause pain and redness if it comes into contact with eyes, irritation if it comes into contact with skin and if swallowed can cause abdominal pain requiring medical treatment,” according to the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI).


Video: Palestinians cheer as Israeli “skunk” truck crashes into ravine

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Tension running high in Occupied Jerusalem as health status of Palestinian child (shot in head) worsens

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[ PIC 01/09/2014 - 08:09 AM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– A state of swelling tension has flared up on the peripheries of Jerusalem’s Old City, particularly across Wadi al-Jouz neighborhood, following the exacerbation of the health status of Palestinian 16-year-old child, Abdul Majid Sunkqrat, shot in the head by the Israeli police on Sunday evening.

The wounded child was rushed to hospital for an urgent treatment after he kept bleeding due the skull fractures incurred by the injury. Medics estimated Sunqrat’s health status as “very critical.”

Rounds of clashes burst out in the area on an almost daily basis as a result of the raids launched by the Israeli security forces on Wadi al-Jouz, along with other neighborhoods adjacent to the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City.

In a related incident, a group of Palestinian youths have been on the alert to the attempts of three Israeli settlers to kidnap a…

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ISIS is America’s New Terror Brand

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Endless Propaganda Fuels “War on Terror”

By James F. Tracy

In the wake of World War I, erstwhile propagandist and political scientist Harold Lasswell famously defined propaganda as “the management of collective attitudes” and the “control over opinion” through “the manipulation of significant symbols.”[1] The extent to which this tradition is enthusiastically upheld in the West and the United States in particular is remarkable. The American public is consistently propagandized by its government and corporate news media on the mSpread_Caliphateost vital of contemporary issues and events. Deception on such a scale would be of little consequence if the US was not the most powerful economic and military force on earth.

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Documents show how US allowed Israel to have nukes

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Golda Meir (L), Richard Nixon (C) and Henry Kissinger (R) meeting at the White House.

Golda Meir (L), Richard Nixon (C) and Henry Kissinger (R) meeting at the White House.

PressTV | Sun Aug 31, 2014 4:55PM GMT

The US government has declassified top-secret documents from 45 years ago showing how the US allowed Israel to possess nuclear program.

The documents reveal how US government officials and senior advisers to the then US president Richard Nixon withdrew from a plan to block Israeli nuclearization ahead of a meeting with then Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir at the White House in September 1969.

The files that were made public by the Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel (ISCAP) after decades it refused to declassify the secrets of the Israeli nuclear program and the US role in it.

According to World Bulletin the documents “not only shows how American delegates agreed to Israel’s refusal to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty, but also how they came to terms with allowing…

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Breaking News From Fukushima Radiation Leak Remains a Secret

Winslie Gomez:


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James Corbett in Japan – Fukushima Update VIDEO – (Start Time 15:20)

Interview by Greg Hunter – 8/26/2014


James Corbett lives in Western Japan and provides no-nonsense info

James Corbett of The CorbettReport.com says it looks like we are headed towards global war.

Corbett says, “It is only a matter of what shape and what form that war will take place. We are seeing the battle lines being drawn. . . . I think this is very much going to be an economic conflict, or at least one that is fundamentally centered on economics. . . . They are constructing an alternative system, and we are truly moving out of the unipolar world, U.S. hegemony towards a multipolar world. There is no doubt that is taking place right now, and there is no doubt that can’t happen without some conflict happening. That conflict is on the way.”

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