Un informe sobre la CIA y algunas preguntas

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Tras cuatro años de investigación sobre las actividades de la CIA en el que fueron hackeados computadoras senadores responsables de la investigación, y después de una feroz lucha entre los diferentes clanes dentro de la administración de Estados Unidos, la Comisión de Senado de Estados Unidos acaba de publicar un documento de unas 500 se desliza desde unos 6.300 páginas del informe que revela la tortura por la CIA bajo la administración de George W. Bush tras los atentados del 11 de septiembre de 2001. El informe describe varias técnicas interrogatorio competir crueldad y sadismo, como “comida” rectal, el waterboarding, amenazas de asalto sexual, privación del sueño, el uso del miedo a los insectos, posiciones de estrés, la desnudez forzada, ejecuciones simuladas, violaciones y amenazas de muerte contra la familia, el uso de taladros eléctricos, y otras prácticas bárbaras que la CIA ha utilizado en varios centros de detención…

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Headlines From Palestine: December 20, 2014

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First Time Since Summer, Israeli Occupation Planes Bombard Gaza

Palestinians in the city of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip woke Saturday morning to the sounds of explosions for the first time since the Israeli offensive in July-August that lasted 51 days and left nearly 2,000 dead.

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Israeli Occupation Forces Open Fire On Palestinians At Gaza border, Injuring 6

Israeli forces opened fire and shot six Palestinians in the northern Gaza Strip on Friday afternoon while they were taking part in a protest near the border, witnesses said.

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Hamas Imposes New Illegal Taxes In Gaza

In a surprising move, the Ministry of Finance this month unilaterally imposed in Gaza — which is effectively controlled by the leaders of the former Hamas government — several new taxes on more than 50 kinds of goods imported into the Gaza Strip via the Kerem Shalom border crossing.

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The CIA Didn’t Just Torture, It Experimented on Human Beings

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The CIA Didn’t Just Torture, It Experimented on Human Beings


Reframing the CIA’s interrogation techniques as a violation of scientific and medical ethics may be the best way to achieve accountability.

Human experimentation was a core feature of the CIA’s torture program. The experimental nature of the interrogation and detention techniques is clearly evident in the Senate Intelligence Committee’s executive summary of its investigative report, despite redactions (insisted upon by the CIA) to obfuscate the locations of these laboratories of cruel science and the identities of perpetrators.

At the helm of this human experimentation project were two psychologists hired by the CIA, James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen. They designed interrogation and detention protocols that they and others applied to people imprisoned in the agency’s secret “black sites.”

In its response to the Senate report, the CIA justified its decision to hire the duo: “We believe their expertise was so…

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Israeli Occupation Court Extends Detention Of 7 Palestinians For Facebook Posts

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JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — An Israeli court extended the detention of seven Palestinians from Jerusalem for “incitement” via Facebook for at least three more days on Friday.

The head of a committee for the families of prisoners in Jerusalem, Amjad Abu Asab, identified the seven prisoners being held by Israeli authorities as Omar al-Shalabi, Uday Sunuqrut, Tareq al-Kurd, Sami Ideis, Ibrahim Abdeen, Nasser al-Hidmi, and Fouad Ruweidi.

The seven were detained last Monday, apparently as a result of Facebook posts that authorities found to contain messages of “incitement” to violence.

Israeli authorities have in recent years detained numerous Palestinians inside Israel and Jerusalem for posting comments or statuses on Facebook they said somehow praised violence against Israel.

Reporters Without Borders ranked Israel 112th in the world for press freedom in its 2013 report, arguing that while Israeli journalists enjoy freedom of expression, there are major structural barriers related to military control…

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Why the Secrecy on the Mh17 Investigation?

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By JAMES O’NEIL | CounterPunch | December 19, 2014

On 17 July 2014 Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down over the Eastern Ukraine.

Although the precise circumstances were at that point unknown the western media were quick to blame Ukrainian “rebels”. The means by which MH17 was destroyed, the media alleged, was a surface to air BUK missile supplied to the “rebels” by Russia.  For a host of reasons it was almost certainly not a BUK missile that caused the crash.  The stage was set however, for a demonization of Russia in general as the alleged supplier of the missile, and President Vladimir Putin in particular. The relentless propaganda enforcing this view has continued unabated to this day, although the evidential foundation for the allegations remains at best remote.

The Russians produced an initial denial of involvement.  Four days after the tragedy…

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Claims that Aleppo’s Synagogues have been destroyed are false

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By Dr. Franklin Lamb | Intifada | December 18, 2014

Given the massive destruction in large parts of Aleppo, Syria’s former economic juggernaut near the Turkish border, including in the city’s Medina souk and Industrial zone, claims of even more dire damage to Syrian heritage sites would perhaps be understandable. Even if not backed up with probative material evidence and sometimes made for political purposes by opponents of Syria’s government.

In the wake of the continuing conflict, questions from some quarters have repeatedly surfaced regarding the status of the 5th- or 6th- century Byzantium period, Great Synagogue of Aleppo. Known locally as Joab’s Synagogue or Al-Bandara Synagogue, lore has it that the building’s foundation was laid by King David’s general, Yoav, whom Jewish tradition holds captured Aleppo. Maimonides, in his letter to the rabbis of Lunel, speaks of Aleppo as being the only community in Syria where Torah learning survived.

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US Opponents threaten to block changes to Cuba-US relations

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When the right-wing attacks all that speaks of humanity:

Opponents of President Barack Obama’s new Cuba policy have threatened to block his efforts to restore diplomatic relations after 50 years of hostility.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio promised on CNN to block the nomination of any US ambassador to Cuba.

Other anti-Castro legislators suggested Congress would remove funding for any normalised ties with the country.

US-Cuban ties have been frozen since the early 1960s – a policy of isolation Mr Obama condemned as a failure.

On Wednesday, the US president said it was time for a new approach.

As part of the deal, US contractor Alan Gross, 65, and an unnamed intelligence officer loyal to the US were released from Cuban prison in return for three Cubans held in the US.

via BBC News – US-Cuba shift: Opponents threaten to block changes.

GingerBloke comments:

Are the US Republican party really…

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