A British “Aid Worker” “Beheaded” by ISIS™ Just in Time for British Parliament Vote Authorizing Air-strikes in Syria

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

We have already discussed the horrible timing of ISIS™ propaganda videos. They always seem to show up, directed at creating a perfect pretext at the perfect time for one Western country or another to use their efforts to advance their own anti-ISIS™ agenda. Either ISIS™ and their propaganda arm are the dumbest human beings on the planet who also happen to possess a death wish… or…

Today’s latest ISIS™ Crisis installment is brought to you by the folks at “British Parliament Needs Cover for Upcoming “Bomb Syria” Vote”

The British Parliament voted yesterday by an overwhelming majority to give David Cameron the authorization he needed to launch air-strikes in Iraq to help the Obama administration and a few dictators from Middle Eastern countries crush the anti-Maliki uprising taking place in the country right now. ISIS™ is the cover for that particularly disdainful operation.

Britain’s parliament on…

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