Gushy Vogue Article On John Kerry Keeps Bringing Up His ‘Record Of Courage’ In Vietnam

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TimGrahampicture-13-1409699701By Tim Graham ~

john-kerry-vogue[1]More proof that the women’s magazines are all in the tank for the Democrats arrives in the October issue of Vogue magazine (edited by major DNC donor Anna Wintour). After all the fashion ads comes a gooey story on Secretary of State John Kerry.

Writer Sally Hansen keeps bringing the reader back around to Kerry’s (very brief) service in Vietnam, reminding some of James Taranto’s 2004 gibe mocking Kerry’s milking of his war resume: “the haughty, French-looking Massachusetts Democrat, who by the way served in Vietnam.”

— After a Normandy commemoration, “Kerry is pensive. He speaks of how terrifying the invasion must have been for the soldiers. I ask if he, as a former officer, could put himself in their shoes. He shakes his head. ‘There was the possibility that we would be killed,’ he says, referring to his tours [?] of duty in Vietnam, ‘but…

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