USA Setting Up Terrorist Army in Reyhanlı, Turkey

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USA Setting Up Terrorist Army in Reyhanlı
Published 04-10-2014

Famous US journalist David Ignatius has written an article for the Washington Post where he states that the USA is attempting to unite Free Syrian Army-linked group in the Turkish city of Reyhanlı, which has now been turned into a military operations center.

Ignatius further recorded in his article that those in Syria have lost their trust in the Free Syrian Army (FSA) according to terrorists.

In his piece headlined “Unifying the ‘moderate opposition’ is the biggest challenge in Syria,” Ignatius wrote that one of the people he met with in Reyhanlı in southern Turkey was opposition fighter Hamza al-Shamali, who the journalist stated was the commander of one of the largest “moderate” organizations the Harakat Hazm.

Ignatius, who states that al-Shamali “commands about 4,200 trained and vetted fighters,” asserts that for the commander, “the immediate problem isn’t defeating the Islamic State. It’s coordinating the ragtag brigades…

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