Hong Kong’s beleaguered Chief Leung Chun-ying hung out by China if **it hits the fan

Chai Leung

“Any suggestion that the Chinese government is ‘interfering’ in the current electoral reform debate is unfounded,” wrote Leung. “Hong Kong’s future electoral, economic and social development is a natural and legitimate concern of our sovereign, and is in keeping with the principle of the high degree of autonomy that Hong Kong enjoys.”

In a letter to the New York Times published on Thursday, the embattled chief executive attempted to bat away suggestions that Hong Kong’s core values were in peril and hit back at allegations that Beijing had reneged on its commitments to Hong Kong’s democratic future. SOURCE: TIME

“Hong Kong’s Leader Is Being Hit With Financial Scandal Amid Mass Street Protests”

Hong Kong leader’s daughter mocks taxpayers amid protests: Thank you for funding ‘all my beautiful shoes and dresses’

A day before her father refused to resign as Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, Chai Yan Leung penned a nasty Facebook rant “thanking” taxpayers for funding her shopping sprees and poking fun at their limited English. Pro-democracy protesters have spent a week demanding democratic reforms in the Chinese territory.

Published: Friday, October 3, 2014, 9:45 AM

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