All good Christians got guns

Why Evolution Is True

Reader “amyt” found a bizarre church sign, and a counter-sign, on a recent trip.  Here is her narrative and her photos:
We saw this photo on our way to a wedding (Sunday) in Mohican State Forest Ohio. We saw the church sign when heading north from Delaware, Ohio to a wedding. We did a 180 when we saw it and made a note to be sure and stop on the way home to shoot some photos. At that time we did not see the sign next door about disgracing the Lord.
On the way home (Monday) we pulled into the driveway to shoot the church sign. That’s when we saw the Tattletale Alarm sign on the locked gate. We found this ironic. If you have concealed weapons why “in God’s name” do you need a locked gate AND a sign for Tattletale Alarms?? That’s why I took that picture as…

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