Chris Spivey and didn’t know who he was either

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My name is Christopher Spivey. I am a registered Tattoo Artist & Body Piercer. I was also a Features Writer for the Sovereign Independent Newspaper (The biggest independent publication in Southern Ireland). I say ‘was’ a features writer because I now write exclusively for this site.

This site was set up for me by my good friend & web programmer, Carl Holbrough. Carl, who also sponsors and maintains this site is a computer genius and you can find his contact details on the home page (CCS Rochford). When he first set up this site, I had no idea that he was doing so. He did it, he says, because having read my stuff, he believed that I had something worthwhile to say.

 Without a doubt, what I do say Isn’t liked by the Security Services(SS). There is no question what-so-ever, that the SS are monitoring me. Certainly, they will have been from my time with the Sovereign Independent Newspaper. How do I know? Well the Sov Ind was at one point, the focus of the American SS. Since I was writing for the newspaper at the time and under my own name to boot, it is only logical that the American SS would share this info with their UK counterparts.

Moreover, when the site was first set up Carl found the site had been hacked… Hackers cause mischief, these people were just looking around. More tellingly was that someone(the SS) tried to sabotage this site last month. Carl said to me that; out of all the 100’s of websites that he has under his CCSRochford domain, this was the only site to crash. Furthermore, he has never had a site crash more spectacularly than this one. It certainly took 6hrs to get us up and running again. So if the ‘powers that be’ hate what I have to say so much, then you can only conclude that the contents are accurate.

I can promise you that a great deal of research goes into the writing of my articles to ensure that they are factually correct. Because of that fact, along with me trying to earn a living, I am not able to write an article a week like some websites churn out. Then again, some of these website do more harm than good to the ’cause’ by publishing articles which are founded purely on rumour.
Therefore, in order to keep the site interesting, I publish on a daily basis, news stories and articles written by others. However, I personally check that all the material published on this site is authentic. Put another way; if it’s on here, it’s true.

As for the articles that I have written, some have been picked up and translated into Spanish. Others have been picked up and published by the American alternative media and I have also been republished by the very well respected website ‘Before its news’.

I am happy to say that in the 8months that the site has been up and running the viewing figures continue to rise.

So, who am I? The easy answer to that is no one special. I’m your average Joe, who works hard to ‘get by’. And that’s where my problem lies because like millions more on this planet, I shouldn’t have to work my ass off just to ‘get by’. Indeed, it doesn’t have to be this way. Every single one of us could have a better life, if we but knew it.

The reason we don’t is because we live in a world that is an illusion… An act. The orchestrator’s of this illusion are the so called ‘One Percenters’. That is to say, the 1% of the worlds population who control the other 99% of us by Stealth, Fear, Corruption, Bribery & Blackmail. Get rid of this 1% and we can all enjoy life as it should be. Without these evil parasites, living off our misery there would be no wars, no starving and no homelessness.

And this is where I differ from many of you. I am not prepared to sit back and just exist, when I know that it does not have to be like that. We are all one, regardless of the colour of our skin, our beliefs and our sexual orientation. Together, we have more power than you would ever believe possible. The One Percenters are well aware of this fact. To combat the threat that we are as a whole, they keep us divided via religion, skin colour, mistrust and sexual orientation.

Wars are purposely started to further the agenda. We are led to believe that fighting for your country is an honour… “You will be a Hero, my son”. There is no honour in killing. A real hero is someone who refuses to kill someone else just because they were ordered too. We here in the UK and The USA are not at war with Afghanistan or Iraq. We are invaders, Uninvited and Unwanted. They were absolutely no threat to our countries what so ever.

It is easy to prevent war, there are three ways. The 1st is through communication. The 2nd is by all armed personnel refusing to kill anyone and the 3rd which is my Personal favourite; All those who take a country to war should be made to fight on the front line. The latter is a sure fire way to peace.

Under the rule of the 1% we are slaves. Love, Harmony, Understanding and Mutual Respect are the keys to free us from these chains. Apathy will lead to our demise. There are many, many dark clouds on the horizon, all of them purposely designed to reduce our numbers. The question is: Are you going to sit by and allow your downfall, or are you going to stand up and be counted? Personally, I will be no one’s slave.


Chris Spivey (Bio)

Blogger arrested in 2am raid on his home after claiming Lee Rigby’s murder was an anti-Islam HOAX

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