Missouri still fighting for justice after Michael Brown’s death

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This video says about itself:

USA: Ferguson ‘Moral Monday’ protesters target Democrat fundraiser

13 October 2014

Around 75 protesters blocked the entrance to Steve Stenger‘s office in Ferguson on Monday, with a fundraiser for the Democrat Councilman taking place at the time of the protest.

Spontaneous actions took place in front of and inside various buildings throughout Ferguson on ‘Moral Monday,’ with predominantly small groups opposed to police brutality chanting and marching through the streets.

Over 50 people were reportedly arrested throughout the day, including public intellectual and political activist Cornel West.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

St Louis activists call for justice for murdered Brown

Wednesday 15th October 2014

Campaigners against racist murders by police committed acts of civil disobedience across the St Louis region of Missouri on Monday.

They commemorated what they called Moral Monday, despite pounding rain and tornado watches as part of…

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