Malicious Anti-Iranian Propaganda

Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Managed news misinformation substitutes for truth and full disclosure. Big Lies persist with disturbing regularity.

It’s been this way for 35 years. Washington tolerates no independent governments. Nor does Israel, its Lobby and other supportive organizations.
They want pro-Western vassal states worldwide. They want sovereign independence destroyed.
They want unchallenged control. They want monied interests served. They want ordinary people exploited.
The second Tehran New Horizon Conference was held from September 29 – October 1. Participants included academics, writers, authors and journalists.
They came from numerous countries. Middle East issues were discussed. Ongoing events explained why.
Participants dispelled Western propaganda. It’s unrelenting. It features Big Lies.
Hard truths readers and viewers most need to know are buried. It’s longstanding scoundrel media policy.
The American Jewish Committee is one of the oldest advocacy organizations of its kind in America.
The New York Times calls it “the dean of American…

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