Israel’s Rogue Agenda

Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Israel is a regional replica of rogue state America. Both countries operate lawlessly. Ruthlessly.
They partner in crime. They wage it on defenseless adversaries. For unchallenged control.
For resources they want pillaged. People they want exploited. No matter the human cost involved.
Imperial objectives alone matter. So does making the world safe for monied interests. Bankers. War profiteers. Other corporate crooks. Government extremists complicit with them.
Benefitting from mass slaughter and destruction. High crimes against peace. Killing Palestinian children for target practice.
On October 16, Israeli soldiers murdered 13-year old Bahaa Samir Badir in cold blood. He was shot in the chest at close range.
He died at Ramallah’s Palestine Medical Complex. Aside from Operation Protective Edge, he’s the 42nd Palestinian Israel murdered this year.
It injured over 4,300 West Bank Palestinians since January. State terror is official policy. Ruthlessness defines it.
Palestinian lives don’t matter. Israel…

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