The US invasion of Iraq and its disastrous aftermath created the environment for ISIS to grow – but where did the money come from???

Contains Real Martin

“The money that went into ISIS came from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and it came particularly from the work of the Saudi leadership trying to find an opposition to Bashar Assad in Syria.”

Former Supreme Allied Commander for Europe, four-star general, West Point valedictorian, Rhodes Scholar and presidential candidate Wesley Clark.

Wesley Clark, Army General, takes part in panel discussion in Beverly Hills

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The accepted story is that Bush and Blair went into Iraq without a plan for what to do after the war – turns out ‘George W’ and his cronies did have a plan – it was just an outrageous (and Stupid) one!!! (Long Read)

Brilliant piece by Patrick Cockburn on how ISIS is forming a new state out of its conquered parts of Iraq and Syria

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