From What, Exactly, Is ISIS And Ebola Distracting US?


Distraction Distraction

We don’t know how it is with you. With us, if we rely upon TV and newspapers for information, the only significant events in the world right now, concern Ebola and ISIS. And even if you resort to the Internet, so pervasive is the “major news media” that those subjects still overwhelm any others. It seems to us, that describes the extent to which the communication channels of the world have been taken over by government propaganda.

We recall vaguely that there is some sort of war going on in Ukraine. There’s a hazy memory of Boko Haram kidnapping almost 300 Christian schoolgirls in Nigeria. We’re aware that Democrats and Republicans wish to control Congress after the election of November 4th. And we all know, newsvendors to the contrary notwithstanding, that our incomes supply less food, energy and other necessities but that’s background; the news is ISIS and Ebola. Neither…

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