How To Use Brown People To Illustrate A Story About Overpopulation

Media Diversified

by Karl Sharro

Yesterday a report was published by the National Academy of Sciences warning that even major wars and catastrophes won’t curb population growth. Good news, you might think, we are resilient as a species, but of course that’s not the version that the media will go with. Naturally it’s too good an opportunity to miss for another round of scaremongering about human population growth. There’s nothing that gets western media, in particular, giddy with excitement as the prospect of disasters brought about by population growth.

But how best to illustrate a scary story about human population growth? For some time now I have noticed that those stories are never illustrated with pictures of white people, the convention seems to be that brown people or non-white people in general are more photogenic to illustrate the threat of overpopulation.

Let’s take a look at how this particular story was illustrated:

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