Hate Cuba? Congrats. You’re a Zionist

American Everyman

(The United States and Israel are the only two nations on the planet that refused to rebuke the illegal embargo of Cuba at the UN recently. What is the global popularity of the United States these days? How about Israel? So who exactly is the shining city on the hill?)

For Moment, the World Embraces the Cuba Model – and Slaps the Empire

by Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report

Revolutionary Cuba has always been a miracle and gift to all humankind. This week, the nations of the world – with two savage exceptions – instructed their emissaries at the UN General Assembly to tell the world’s self-designated “indispensable” country to end its 54-year-long trade embargo against Cuba. The virtually unanimous global rebuke to the American superpower, in combination with the extraordinary breadth and depth of acclamation accorded Havana, tells us that it is Cuba, not the U.S., that is…

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