“Take Your Ebola Ass and Go Home” Shouts Zionist Racist Before She is Forced to Go Home

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Sweden officially recognizes Palestinian state, Israel recalls ambassador


Another fine example of Zionist humanitarianism here in the states.

At BlockTheBoatLA a little group of pro-Zionist counter protesters set up camp across the street from some human rights protesters who were there to promote the boycotting of Israeli goods being off-loaded from a ship out of Israel. They had the usual things to say, talking about Muhammad molesting little boys and other gems of ridiculous propaganda (“there never was a Palestine” and “Palestine doesn’t exist”) that you would expect and this particular group was armed with a few new slurs.

One of the pro-Israeli protesters asked an African American writer if she “liked Obama” I guess because she’s black. Then another offered up these little nuggets of love:

“Get the f*ck* out of the way, d*ke.” “Maybe I don’t want any Ebola.” “Take your Ebola ass…

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