Dispatches From a “Post-Racial” America: The Truly Frightening Edition

The Girl From Jane Addams (T.M. Bonner)

Halloween may be over, but truly frightening incidents of racism never end in America.

While day-to-day racist incidents in the news are always pretty hair-raising, the following incidents, as reported in the media, are extra special scary, and give new meaning to the phrase “truth is stranger than fiction.”

People should be particularly frightened given that the perpetrators were school teachers, U.S. military base occupants, their neighbors, and political representatives.

Enter at your own risk…

spooky race headline 1

Cynthia Ramsey, a white math teacher at Camden County High School in North Carolina, reportedly told a white student that if she had only 10 days to live, she would “kill all black people,” according to a news story originally reported on WAVY-TV. The statement was reportedly overheard by other students as well.

But I’m not sure what is more scary: that a teacher with such violent inclinations is in a public school, or that…

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