Anti-government protest in London

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This 19 October 2014 video from London is called UK cops kick ‘Occupy’ protesters off Parliament Square, Russell Brand delivers pizza.

By Joanna Ramiro in England:

Friday 7th November 2014

MAYHEM spread across London as protesters clashed with riot police on Wednesday evening during the Anonymous international day of action.

Across the country thousands of people wearing the distinctive Guy Fawkes mask took to the streets to protest against capitalism and the establishment.

“I have come along basically to say to the government: ‘enough is enough’,” said 66-year-old protester Maggie, who was in Westminster.

“They are corrupt. They are bringing in so many austerity cuts, the welfare reform hasn’t been thought out properly yet Iain Duncan Smith seems to think it is working.”

Protesters identified a series of reasons for joining in — from the expenses scandal to police violence and racism.

Asked why he had come…

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