Evidence proving NATO & Turkey’s collusion in assisting ISIL terrorists in Syria contrary to International Law

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This definitive report on the Syrian War, by Cem Ertur, highlights the integral role the Turkish government play within the alliance of western governments.

The groundbreaking article, sets a new standard, in providing the necessary information people want and need.

The article reveals evidence that can be used in a legal challenge, in Europe against NATO and Turkey.
by Cem Ertür, Axis of Logic, 7 April 2014 
“President [Obama] has been clear: Any [military] action that he might decide to take will be a limited and tailored response to ensure that a despot’s brutal and flagrant use of chemical weapons is held accountable.”

[U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, speech at the U.S. State Department, Washington D.C., 30 August 2013] 1

“What matters is to weaken the regime to the point where it gives…

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