AMAZING FOOTAGE! Holuhraun Volcano, Iceland, November 2014

Mission Galactic Freedom

Holuhraun Volcano, Iceland

Dramatic images of the volcano Bardarbunga violently spewing lava and molton ash have emerged – suggesting that Iceland was quite right to ban all flights over the area.

Aerial footage of the ongoing eruption site at Holuhraun in Iceland!

The eruption activity in Holuhraun and seismic activity around Bárðarbunga volcano under Vatnajökull glacier remain stable, according to the latest scientific updates.
The subsidence of the Bárðarbunga caldera and the eruption continue at the same rate with the new lava field now estimated to cover more than 46 square kilometers

Craters spit out lava as molten rock flows into a river in the stunning images taken over the Holuhraun lava fields in the Icelandic highlands.

The country’s Met Office issued a ‘red alert’ at the end of August after the Bardarbunga volcano, which lies underneath the Vatnajökull glacier, experienced a ‘small’ eruption.


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