The rules of Regicide – how can the Labour Party get rid of Ed?



I don’t want to spread mischief, but perhaps it is time to review the mechanisms that the Labour Party has for changing their leader. Put simply, it is not a quick nor easy process, and involves heads being stuck above parapets and considerable career harm should any coup fail. But given the ferocity of the whispering that is going on, and the ferocity of the denials being issued from putative leadership candidates, it might be wise to look at what would have to happen for Ed Miliband to be removed. Seeing how tough this is might be the start of long at whether it is wise to do so at all.

So, in order to try and change their leader, 20% of Labour MPs, which is 52 MPs, need to come forward to present a motion of “no confidence” in the leader.

That may seem simple, but here’s the most…

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