False Flag Syria: The Many Interviews Of Crisis Actor Syria Danny, 2012

Verum Et Inventa

Search this blog for Syria to see more fuckery from the Western media, as they attempt to dupe the masses into believing that we must go to war for an oil pipeline, oops, I meant democracy. Specifically, see the post Busted! Crisis Actors Caught Red-Handed In Egypt And Syria, 2013.

From the Youtube description: Do you know a sociopath and liar when you see one? Danny Abdul Dayem has created a number of staged Interviews for public consumption. He often begs for U.N. intervention, shows the same prop bombs, and talks about women and children being killed for emotional effect.

Also, Danny and his crew are using looped soundtracks, and even the same explosion sound effects in his videos (at different volume levels).. the guy is a crook and a liar, and he’s willing to lie to make money and is willing to sell out the future of a…

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