Artist’s Quirky Rainbow-Colored House in the Woods

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When artist Kat O’Sullivan (a.k.a. Katwise) and her partner Mason Brown bought a run-down, nondescript farmhouse in the middle of the woods near High Falls, New York in 2009, they knew they had to breathe some life into the old building to reveal its true charm.

With the help of their friends, the couple worked their artistic magic on the house, transforming the abode into a striking, rainbow-colored home that somehow fits in perfectly with the beauty of the surrounding natural landscape.

The farmhouse, which was originally built in 1840, was in a state of neglect when O’Sullivan unleashed her imagination on it.

Away went the plain white facade, decrepit roof, and linoleum floors; in splashed a palette of bright hues, bold patterns, and outdoor furnishings like a chandelier, tent, and patio.

Colorful and filled with personality on both the interior and the exterior, the house was renovated according to…

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