Ferguson’s Trial


Source: Politico, by Sarah Kendzior, 11/25/2014

St. Louis shocks, but it does not surprise. For weeks, the signs have been everywhere. Military vehicles at the mall, troops on the highway, soldiers in gas stations, helicopters that flew so low in the sky they shook our homes. Officials told us to keep calm, then declared a state of emergency. They claimed the hundreds of thousands of dollars in riot gear and the extra thousand police were not indicative of a foregone conclusion. They told us the grand jury was still deliberating, that these things take time. Our streets told us the verdict had long been sealed.

On August 9, an Instagram photo circulated through St. Louis social media. It was of a man holding a cardboard sign saying “Ferguson police just executed my unarmed son”. The man was later identified as Louis Head, the stepfather of Michael Brown. More photos…

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