Saudi arms dealers to supply ISIS with sarin nerve agent missiles

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Saudi arms dealers to supply ISIS with sarin nerve agent missiles

According to BBC’s Kurdish correspondent in northern Iraq, Jiar Gol, billionaire Saudi arms dealers in Netherlands could procure chemical precursors and nerve agents, including sarin and mustard gas and they plan to deliver them to Islamist terrorists in Iraq.

The reports suggest that a total of 11 consignments of the deadly materials will be shipped to ISIS-controlled areas in Syria and then would be smuggled to Mousl, Iraq’s second largest city.

In order to provide protection against direct contact with chemical substances, the influential Saudi lobby in France had purchased high quality chemical suits for their proxies in battle-scarred Iraq and Syria.

The ISIS terrorists intend to equip BM-21 Grad missiles with chemical warheads and install them in Bartella, a Shiite-Christian settlement on the outskirts of Mosul.

Many Middle-East political spectators predict that ISIS would gradually relinquish the power…

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