Self-anointed godmen pose threat to Hindutva – Prabhu Chawla

Bharata Bharati

Prabhu Chawla“As the younger generation acquires better education and access to unlimited sources of both pure and impure information, it is religion and its accessories that have become the greatest lure. What Marx and Mao couldn’t do to religious belief, the modern messengers of God have done, using weapons and anarchy. In India, materialism portrays religion as the worst enemy of progress and modernity. The real target, however, is Hinduism, which is the third largest religion of the world. ” – Prabhu Chawla

Gods venerate MahalakshmiDivinity never dies. Neither do institutions that form the pillars of civilisation. Both will survive as long as humanity does. But some leaders and promoters of religion in the process of advancing their own commercial or personal interests cause incalculable damage to its sanctity. If understood and practised in its true spirit, religion does not teach hatred or advocate violence. It, however, comes under scrutiny when some followers…

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