Video spurs parking etiquette debate

Global News

A man in Toronto is giving a new definition to the term “human traffic”.

You know it is Christmastime at the malls when shoppers start taking measures like the man in the Yorkdale Shopping Centre parking lot – standing on-foot in a parking spot appearing to save it for someone driving around the lot.

The video was posted to YouTube on Sunday.

“That I don’t think is right,” said one shopper.

“I think it’s first come, first serve”.

Management consultants at the Hay Group work to curb bad behaviour amongst employees, and provided their take on this consumer’s behaviour.

“When you have a crush of people and lack of space, then you tend to see bad behaviour rising to the surface, and people end up doing things that perhaps later they regret,” said Rick Lash, Hay Group direction.

When it comes to the holiday rush, especially at places like Yorkdale…

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