Israeli Occupation To Establish Military Juvenile Courts In Occupied Palestine

Occupied: Headlines From Palestine


Following criticism from the international community as well as numerous human-rights groups in Israel, military youth courts will be established in the Palestinian territories by Israel.

A committee established one year ago was given the responsibility of exploring the possibility of establishing special military court for Palestinian minors in the West Bank.

The committee is headed by Raz Nazari, the deputy attorney general for the criminal division and includes members of the military prosecutor’s office, the police, Shin Bet and the Internal Security Ministry.

Recent reforms stemming from this committee, have reduced the detention times for Palestinian minors and have recommend that both Palestinian and Israeli minors should be subject to matching laws.

Unlike Israeli minors, Palestinian minors living in the West Bank are treated to much harsher conditions.

According to the Jerusalem Post, a primary remand hearing could occur up to 8 days later in 2009, and…

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