Women breastfeed outside Claridge’s in protest over treatment of mother


Breastfeed, Claridge's Free to Feed campaigners breastfeed their children outside Claridge’s hotel (Picture: PA)

A crowd of mothers have protested outside Claridge’s hotel by breast-feeding their children in unison.

The group Free to Feed organised the ‘nurse-in’ today outside the Mayfair venue in reaction the treatment mother Louise Burns received while she was there earlier this week.

The 35-year-old was told to cover her baby’s head with a napkin when she was breastfeeding during tea.

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Breastfeed, Claridge's Campaigner Carla Mastroianni and her baby  (Picture: PA)

Free to Feed’s founder, Emily Slough, thought such incidents discouraged women from breast-feeding.

‘We’re here to challenge that stigma and show women it’s normal and natural,’ she said.

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Breastfeed, Claridge's A young child with a sign stuffed into its baby carrier (Picture: PA)

Claridge’s said it embraced breast-feeding, but requested women…

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