Pro Israeli hawks & jewish lobby out to destroy any chance of USA / Iran nuclear agreement

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“Judeo-Nazism” versus Iran

By Alan Hart, Countercurrents
Sunday, Dec 7, 2014

If a non-Jew had coined the phrase “Judeo-Nazism” he or she would have been verbally crucified by Zionism’s attack dogs and the mainstream Western media. The actual inventor of it was Yeshavahu Leibowitz, one of the most outspoken and controversial Jewish intellectuals of modern times. He was once described as “the conscience of Israel.” Before he died in 1994 he said “Judeo-Nazis” were on the rise in Israel. If he was alive today I imagine he would say, “They are now in control.”

The question awaiting an answer in the coming days and weeks is whether or not those who do Judeo-Nazism’s bidding in the U.S. Congress will succeed in sabotaging the comprehensive agreement-in-the-making with Iran over its nuclear program.

When U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced that more time was needed to reach an agreement he…

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