Scrap British Trident nuclear weapons

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This video from Scotland is called 30 November 2014 Scrap Trident demo.

By Alan Mackinnon in Scotland:

Imagining a Britain without Trident

Tuesday 9th December 2014

Even the military can see that replacing these WMDs is a waste of resources and will require huge cuts elsewhere to fund it, says Alan Mackinnon

On November 31 more than 1,500 people demonstrated at the gates of Faslane Naval Base demanding that, irrespective of the outcome of Scotland’s independence referendum, Trident still has to go.

Indeed, the case for scrapping Britain’s nuclear weapons system just becomes stronger. Five years of austerity has cut living standards by over 8 per cent across Britain resulting in a huge increase in poverty, insecurity and inequality.

In the meantime the British government seems determined to press ahead with the development of a new generation of nuclear weapons. Already, pre-empting the parliamentary vote on replacing Trident

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