Russell Brand ripped Nigel Farage to shreds on Question Time last night


Ukip leader Nigel Farage looks on as comedian Russell Brand speaks while on the panel on this evening's politics debate programme, Question Time Picture: BBC/PA) Farage v Brand – who won? (Picture: BBC/PA)

It was one of the most hotly-anticipated Question Time clashes of 2014 – and a clear winner emerged out of the loudmouth barnfight between Nigel Farage and Russell Brand.

But this wasn’t quite the clash of the titans some were hoping for.

It was scrappy, vindictive and petty – exactly what the first set of questions about the ‘petty, adversarial nature of politics’ were complaining about.

Brand started by attacking MPs for only bothering to show up in parliament when they’re voting on their pay – even though a dodgy internet meme demonstrating this has already been discredited.

Farage moaned about journalists fixating about what kind of tie Ed Miliband or David Cameron wears, even though this is obviously really important.

In the end they only brushed shoulders rather than full-on collided in the opening exchanges.

Brand moaned about ‘that dude on the…

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