Police State Oakland: More Undercover Cops Busted As Agitators

Verum Et Inventa

See my previous post Police State Oakland: Undercover Cops Incite, Pull Guns On Protesters.

From the article on Reverb Press: Since gathering in groups to use our right to free speech is perfectly legal, why do police infiltrate protest movements with undercover cops? Why not simply police these events in uniform?

Maybe it’s because police officers — or at least their police chiefs — are inclined to destroy all protest movements, no matter how peaceful or just they are. Seen through that lens, undercover cops are just another tool — along with police departments’ assault weapons, body armor, and SWAT vehicles — to force our compliance.

Title: Exposed! More Undercover Cops Caught Infiltrating Protests! (YT link) Uploaded by Dahboo7.

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