Education Denied: Two schools closed and multiple injuries due to Israeli military teargas and rubber-coated steel bullets fired at Palestinians

CPT Palestine

11 December 2014—This morning the education of thousands of Palestinian children in Hebron was again compromised. While hundreds of children tried to walk to the seven schools near both the Qitoun/209 and Salimeh/29 checkpoints, Israeli border policemen fired teargas and rubber-coated steel bullets in response to a few children throwing stones towards the checkpoints. Even after classes began, the Israeli military continued to fire teargas. Two schools near the Salimeh/29 checkpoint closed within a half hour of the start of the school day. Two other schools reported additional problems caused by the actions of the Israeli military.

Al Khalil School, an elementary boys school with 270 students, DSCF5199had to close before 8:30 AM after four teargas canisters landed in the school courtyard. While CPTers were checking on the school, an ambulance came to take fourteen year-old Nasha’at Gaith, who’d been hit on the thigh by a teargas canister, to…

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