Torching A School And Writing ‘Death to Arabs’ On It Apparently Isn’t A ‘Hate Crime’ In Israel

Occupied: Headlines From Palestine

J’lem prosecution declares three members of radical right-wing group Lahava, who set fire to bilingual school, not charged with hate crime.

Aviel Magnezi via YNet

Jerusalem district prosecutor’s office filed an indictment against three radical right-wing activists for setting fire to a bi-lingual school in Jerusalem where Jews and Arabs study together – the three were charged with arson, breaking and entering and vandalism but were not accused of committing offenses with a nationalistic background.

Monday’s indictment accuses Yitzhak Gabai of Jerusalem and brothers 20-year-old Shlomo and 18-year-old Nahman Twito, both of the ultra-orthodox West Bank settlement Beitar Ilit, of setting fire to the school late last month and writing racist slogans on its walls. Gabai is additionally charged with driving without license and possession of a knife.

Prosecutors say the three are members of “Lehava,” a group opposed to Jewish assimilation and co-existence between Jews and Arabs.

The indictment…

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