How kind, Obama: US to Review Cuba’s Place in List of State Sponsors of Terrorism, no one can replace the USA as #1

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Obama: US to Review Cuba’s Place in List of State Sponsors of Terrorism

MOSCOW, December 18 (Sputnik) — The United States will review Cuba‘s status in the list of states, sponsoring terrorism, US President Barack Obama stated.

“The key issue here is to use that list based on facts, not based on ideology. If, in fact, Cuba is not aiding or abetting terrorist organizations, they shouldn’t be on the list,” the US president told ABC in an interview.

As for the changes Obama expects in Cuba, the president said that he is “not sure that Raul Castro at the age of eighty-something is going to be changing significantly, but there is going to be a generation of change in Cuba.”

Площадь Революции в Гаване, под которой, по утверждениям СМИ, находится бункер, где проходит лечение Уго Чавес.
© Sputnik/ Alexandr Solovsky

The US State Sponsors of Terrorism list currently consists of four countries: Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria.

On Wednesday, Obama announced that the United States is to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba after more than 50 years.

On the same day, Cuban leader…

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