Palestine Rejects US Proposal To Delay Palestinian State Resolution Bid

Occupied: Headlines From Palestine

PNN/ Bethlehem

Palestine foreign minister, Dr. Riad Malki, said that the Palestinian leadership rejected US State of Secretary, John Kerry’s proposal of pushing the Palestinian Statehood resolution bid until after the Israeli elections in March.

Malki said that Kerry tried to convince Palestinian leaders during talks last week, to delay presenting state resolution proposal before the International security council, saying that it would harm the Israeli elections.

Senior PA officials over the weekend said that they were under heavy pressure not to request a vote on the Palestinian resolution presented last week to the United Nations Security Council.

On the other hand, previous Justice minister and Israeli chief negotiator, Tzipi Livni asked Kerry, to delay the Palestinian UN bid for statehood, as it supports the right.

Occupation foreign policy reported that Livni had made the recommendation along with former president Shimon Peres, AFP says.

However, Right-wing politicians, Netanyahu and…

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