Pervert 'hard' at work by LatuffPervert ‘hard’ at work by Latuff

Shmuley Boteach is in the news again …. once again written by himself, his greatest fan.

Now he seems upset that Jews have not lined up in the streets in support of Alan Dershowitz. He too has the habit of writing about himself, as if anyone else would…

Here is Boteach’s defense of the perv himself … from the Jerusalem Post

Once again pulling out the anti-Semite card

But establishing the truthfulness of these allegations is not the purpose of this column. Rather my purpose is to ask – where are the Jewish leaders to rise to Mr. Dershowitz’s defense? Here is a man of sterling character who has been a champion of the Jewish people and Israel his entire life. He is America’s best-known defender of Israel.

I work in the same space and I know what it’s like. The constant…

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