How to combat global Islamism – Tufail Ahmad

One should not be blinded by HATRED of another, be it religious, cultural or racial. Global Islamism is in itslef a false flag, a craetion of the Al-CIA- Duh mentors

Bharata Bharati

Tufail Ahmad“There is no short-cut solution to integrating Muslim communities, whether in France or in India. This is because Islam does not allow Muslims to fully integrate with local communities; as a system of ideas, Islam is designed to essentially separate Muslims from the practices of non-Muslims. … Muslims everywhere will continue to separate themselves from the rest of society. Islam doesn’t permit integration, despite which some Muslims do integrate.” – Tufail Ahmad

Charlie HebdoThe continuing series of jihadist attacks by “lone wolves” – some call them stray dogs but both the terms are insults to animals – in London, Boston, Sydney and Paris illustrates the fact that modern democracies cannot take their freedom for granted. After the Second World War, democracies faced threats from armed communism.

Seven decades on, democratic nations and their liberties are still threatened, this time by radical Islamism. It is a matter of time before Indian democracy too will…

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