The Problem Of Israel In The Modern World – Can The Unspeakable Be Spoken? – OpEd

EMerging Equity

By Michael Welton

Palestine Israel

The mood of our uneasy times is incredibly bellicose, dark, apocalyptic and vengeful. The “war on terror” is like a virus that infects everything it touches. And it does seem to touch everything, from our popular television shows, to getting across borders, travelling overseas somewhere. You can’t read the Sunday paper without feeling queasy, a sense of dread tingling our nerves and spoiling our lovely morning coffee. Everyday brings a new jolt. And if terror doesn’t do the trick, fear of global warming, or running out of oil will spoil your day for sure.

I am particularly interested in probing the role that religious belief and mythological systems play in dividing us from one another, fuelling irrationality and hatred of others, and dampening any spirit of radical self-criticism. To illustrate the incendiary nature of religious belief, I will focus attention on the Israel-Palestinian conflict in the context of the Middle East. Perhaps…

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2 Responses to “The Problem Of Israel In The Modern World – Can The Unspeakable Be Spoken? – OpEd”

  1. Paul Says:

    I have submitted a reply twice. You’re unwillingness to post it show without doubt your fear of rebuttals and your unequivocal bias against Jews and Israel.

    • Winslie Gomez Says:

      Dear Paul
      I fully accept that I did not publish your vitriolic dingy description of a rewrite of “history”.
      Secondly, it is pointless countering opinion. You are welcome to hold it, but this is my blog and I have the last word.
      Thirdly. I have reblogged another author and may not agree with all the points, but see merit.
      And yes, I am against anyone who pulverise generations of a single group of people in order to establish a belief. Especially, if they are european mercenaries who converted to Judaism for convenience. Your DNA holds all the answers.

      Israel is apartheid in action and a model for supremacist.

      Please stop killing Palestinians, be they Arab, Jew, Christian, Atheist or any religious BELIEF or grouping.
      Stop dehumanising Palestinians.
      Stop stripping the dignity of Palestinians.

      Hope that clarifies my position.

      Goodbye Paul. I consider this matter closed.
      Yours Sincerely
      Winslie Gomez

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