Why some societies/cultures make women’s lives hell

A Word in Your Ear

An alternative title would be – the morality game – sexual double -binds.

There are particular societies where women are subjected to ongoing harassment from men. The societies/cultures tend to be peasant such as Southern European, or Northern Ireland (where I came from), Islamic cultures, Latin American cultures and India, just some examples.

Sometimes I wonder if Satan invested in these cultures. A common characteristic is a culture that is saturated in religion. The religion creates the following double- bind. On the one hand it tells the men – you are entitled to sex and as much of it as you want. You are not expected to exercise restraint. And simultaneously tells the women – if you consent to sex, you are immoral, you will be made a social outcast and subjected to draconian punishments and your family will be disgraced.

What fun! The men are being told to go…

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