Scottish First Minister Sturgeon slams ‘austerity economics’: A meesage to Joe….Hockey that is. If he still has a job.


Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon (Reuters/Cathal McNaughton)

The coalition government’s “austerity economics” have completely failed resulting in damage to the UK’s economic credibility, Scotland’s First Minister will announce on Wednesday.

Prior to the speech in London, in which she will say coalition austerity policies have failed “categorically and comprehensively,” Nicola Sturgeon suggested the Scottish National Party (SNP) would back £180 billion of additional spending than the current government by 2020.

Speaking to BBC Radio Scotland ahead of her speech, Sturgeon said she wanted to break “the cozy consensus” that all the major parties display towards continuing austerity. She also said the Labour Party should abandon cuts if they wanted the support of the SNP.

The SNP is expected to win the lion’s share of seats in May’s general election, recent opinion polls have suggested. Sturgeon used the figures to urge Labour leader Ed Miliband to take a “more moderate” approach to…

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