Foreign backed terrorists in Syria ask their Israeli friends for help

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Foreign mercenary gangs defeated in Syria ask Israel to bomb Golan [report]

Foreign-backed mercenaries fighting against the Syrian government, army and people, have called on the Israeli regime to target the positions of the Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah resistance movement in the Golan Heights


The appeal comes as the Syrian forces, backed by Hezbollah fighters, have made gains against the terrorist gangs in the southern parts of Syria and inflicted heavy losses on them in the recent days.

Damascus regular troops and Hezbollah allied fighters have made significant progress in the border regions near Jordan and the occupied Golan Heights.

Foreign mercenary gangs in Syria, whose forces are fighting against a new offensive in the south by the axis of the Syrian army and Hezbollah, are calling on Israel to attack the Syrian army and Hezbolah’s positions before they are able to completely take the Syrian Golan that borders Israeli…

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