Testimony by israeli Lieutenant concerning looting by the IDF

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What else was looted?

testimony catalog number: 66860
rank: Lieutenant
unit: Other

Only now, when I talk to guys who were my soldiers as a deputy company commander, do I realize what really went on then. That people were taking stuff and we didn’t know about it at all. It depends on the severity of cases. Whatever was known was severely punished. Really. What do I mean by punished? We did everything that should be done. The battalion commander referred them to Military Police Investigations, and they investigated and inquired.

Were their punishments severe or light?
I can’t judge that. Let whoever judged decide. I think that punishments given soldier who did that were not severe enough.

What would a person get for looting?
A person took money out of a Palestinian’s ID.

What a state to find oneself in.
The Palestinian had some money he’d earned. He has no…

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