Yep – the ‘jaw-dropping” racist comments by a UKIP candidate really are jaw-dropping

Pride's Purge

In December last year, UKIP expelled one of their councillors after she made such racist comments to the BBC that they were called “jaw-dropping”.

At the time, nobody would reveal what Cllr Rozanne Duncan actually said that was so “jaw-dropping”.

Well, now we know. And yep, they’re pretty jaw-droppingly racist:

Duncan, UKIP councillor for the Cliftonville East ward of Thanet District Council: “I don’t know why but I don’t like negroes or anyone with negro features.

Mind you, also worth mentioning is the fact that Duncan was a member and an activist of the Conservative Party for over 20 years before she resigned from the Tories and joined UKIP.

At least UKIP threw her out ………………..


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