Living on traditional land is not a lifestyle choice – it is an obligation


Aborigines using fire to hunt kangaroos (image from

It is clear that Tony Abbott has no idea why Aboriginal people make the ‘lifestyle choice‘ to live in remote communities, or God forbid, their traditional lands. (Many though, are one and the same).He has been slammed from Indigenous and non-Indigenous community leaders for the tactless, insensitive and ignorant comment.

But why was it so wrong? Nobody has been able to tell us.

I’m not the Minister for Aborigines – Tony Abbott has that distinction – but I am qualified* to tell him where he was wrong.

It comes down to the attitudes towards the land (which I have written about previously in Land ownership: it’s not all black and white). Though written a number of years ago it is brought into relevance following the Prime Minister’s comment.

Let’s have a look at land.

In most western societies land ownership is…

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