Saudi Arabia the Kingdom of Darkness

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Mohamed Mahmoud Mortada

03-04-2015 | 13:26

It was no coincidence that a Kingdom adopting Wahhabi and Takfiri thoughts was founded in Najad and Hijaz; as its foundation had a big role in slamming all efforts toward an Arab unity against the British and French colonialism in the twenties and thirties of the past century.

Saudi Arabia's Kings

While Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan aspires to rebuild the Ottoman Empire, what was most striking was the establishment of a Turkish-Saudi alliance in the war on Yemen, especially since the Saudi Kingdom was a pioneer in the fight against the Ottoman Empire in the Arabian Peninsula and the disassembling of its succession.

As an overseer on the Kingdom’s emergence, one cannot help but note the abundance of “coincidences” which accorded with its advent and which ultimately led to the disintegration and fragmentation of the Arab and Islamic world.

In 1915, the Darin Treaty between Al…

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