Gideons says their purpose is to hand out bibles and proselytize, even at disasters like Nepal

Believers vs Non-Believers


A friend from the BvNB Paltalk room contacted Jeff Pack of Gideon International ( and asked about their purpose in sending bibles to locations recently devastated by disaster or disease and if that is their ONLY form of “philanthropy.”

It’s not so much a rule – it’s just not our purpose. Our purpose is to share God’s Word through personal witnessing and copies of the Bible and New Testaments. Since 1899 this has been our soul purpose around the world. With disasters it is up to our local members as to how to best handle. I hope this helps! JP

My BvNB friend commented on Jeff’s reply:

They clearly CHOOSE to NOT help with food and medication, and in my reply to the guy I expressed how pointless and useless their organization is, and reminded them that the Jesus character said “feed the hungry” not send out bibles…

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