A New Bipolar World: Zionism/Anti-Zionism?

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[Ed. Note: In this article Alain Soral’s editorial team at Egalité et Reconciliation argue that we are entering a new bipolar world that replaces the old capitalism against communism. It is not West versus East, it is not the much peddled “clash of civilizations.”

It is zionism versus anti-zionism. And if “zionism” is the political expression of Jewish power, then it is essentially Jews against the world. The analysis is comprehensive and the thesis convincing except that it may justifiably be argued that we are not about to enter this bipolar world, we have been living in it for quite some time.]

By The Editors, Egalité et Reconciliation

Before, it was the Soviets against the Americans, communism against capitalism, a conflict that divided the world for 70 years. Today the bipolarity has not disappeared, instead it seems to have mutated into a confrontation between the pro- and the anti-zionism. Can contemporary geopolitics be reformulated on this basis?

A friendship pact forged by blood…

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