War Crime: American Purchases Palestinian Church, Will Turn It Into Jewish Only Illegal Settlement

Occupied: Headlines From Palestine

American millionaire Irving Moskowitz behind purchase of West Bank church compound

Right-wing activist Aryeh King plans to secretly turn Christian site into a new Jewish settlement on Hebron-Bethlehem road.

A non-profit organization controlled by American millionaire Irving Moskowitz is the owner of the church compound near the Aroub refugee camp between Hebron and Bethlehem on the West Bank, which the buyers intend to turn into a new Jewish settlement, Haaretz has discovered.

Last Friday, Haaretz reported that right-wing activist Aryeh King had purchased the abandoned church compound and is refurbishing it ahead of establishing a new settlement outpost at the site. King, who specializes in buying Arab-owned real estate, purchased the property three years ago from its church owners. The 38-dunam (9.5-acre) complex is located on the main road between Jerusalem and Hebron.

The compound has been undergoing massive renovations over the past two months in preparation for the…

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