Putin And The Saudi Caravan – Pepe Escobar


Editor’s Note: I’ll bet Putin won’t be either bowing down to, nor holding hands with the Saudi Prince…  This turns my stomach…

The President of the United States Barack Obama greets King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.Holding hands with the Crown Prince

Source: The News Doctors

No one – as usual – saw it coming.

So guess who walks into a room in St. Petersburg this past Thursday; Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince – and Defense Minister – Muhammad bin Salman, favorite son of King Salman; Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir (former ambassador to the US and very close to key players in the Beltway); and all-powerful Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi. They were all there for a face-to-face with President Vladimir Putin, on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.

In principle, there could not be a more spectacular game-changer-in-waiting. A royal Saudi caravan offering tribute, in the form of incense, gold and myrrh (or higher oil prices)? No one knows, yet, how this will play out in the New…

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